Sunday, August 24, 2014

Treat Yourself to The Gardens at Elm Bank Reservation

Bright color in Weezie's Garden
As I entered the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Gardens at Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley a few weeks ago, I met two women on their way back to the parking lot. One of them was using a wheelchair.
“How are the gardens?” I asked. Smiles lit up their faces as they answered. “Wonderful!” 
This was my first visit to the Gardens at Elm Bank during the summer season. I was looking forward to seeing the cultivated beauty this DCR state park has to offer along the Charles River near Boston.  Beyond the accessible restroom facilities near the front gate, the brochure indicates several different garden installations on the property, each designed by a different noteworthy horticultural designer. 
The Gardens are a sensory feast of color, landscape design and artistic elements. Turns out some of the installations are more accessible than others. Two gardens are very wheelchair and stroller accessible. Two other gardens are fairly accessible if you can navigate thick mown grass. Some of the other gardens would require wheelchair assistance or gait support for those with less strength or balance due to eroded pathways. Overall the Gardens at Elm Bank are definitely worth a visit.