Thursday, January 21, 2016

Play Sled Hockey with Spaulding!

Last week I visited a sled hockey program at one of our DCR skating rinks and spontaneously ended up in hockey pads and helmet, doing puck passing and checking drills, and playing in game! After fifteen years of offering adapting skating programs in DCR skating rinks, it was a treat to experience the competitive dimension of sled hockey.

Three program staff were fitting new players and their companions into ice sleds when I arrived at the O'Neil Rink in Charlestown. There is a bit more to fitting people to ice sleds when hockey is involved. Blades are adjusted closer together and positioned under the sled for best balance to lift the front end of the sled and minimize drag on the ice. A nice tight fit into the seat allows the whole sled to become part of your body. The hardest part for me was grabbing sticks with hockey gloves on!