Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remembering Burt, Appreciating Kevin

Burt Eddings loved the outdoors and gave much of his professional and personal time in the service of athletics and youth. He played sports, taught physical education, directed summer camps, including one for kids with mental disabilities, and bicycled with his son Kevin across the country at age 56.

I met Burt and Kevin later in Burt's life when he was already diagnosed with Lewy Body disease and could no longer speak. Kevin would spring him from the nursing home for a dose of fresh air. In a loving fashion he regularly brought his father to Universal Access programs for cycling and hiking each year. He made sure his father got to venture outside even after his mind and body failed him. I was always deeply touched by this dedication and the sight of them out on the trail.

Kevin assisted with programs beyond supporting his father at them, and continues to volunteer after Burt's death a few years ago. He carries on his father's tradition in many ways. Burt was a long-time advocate of all kinds of service programs. His love of the outdoors and sharing it with others was a gift that Kevin continues. Thanks Kevin!

Volunteers are an enormous help in providing the hands-on support needed to make accessible outdoor recreation opportunities possible for people with disabilities. Without them we could not provide the quality of service required for each individual who needs additional support. If you are interested in volunteering, email me at

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