Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of Smiles at the First Universal Access Program at Weston

The first program of the winter season was filled with many new faces and just a few familiar ones. Several families came out to play on the groomed snow track and try out snowshoes, cross country skis and kicksleds. Our program leader Brenda had her rainbow wig specially fluffed for the day and facilitated the action with 5 volunteers and lots of laughter.

Bob Chow and his family had seen the program advertised in past years and made their first appearance this Sunday. His young daughter Melissa (shown above) enjoyed being pushed on conventional skis while holding onto a ski walker for support. Giggles abounded when she got to wear the program's trademark wig.

Bob Posner, a long time and year round Universal Access Program participant, took a leisurely walk in snowshoes with 2 volunteers to find letterboxes hidden alongside the snow course. Inside the boxes were rubber stamps of animal tracks, which he and other participants collected throughout the day.

Next Sunday the Universal Access Program continues from 11am - 3pm at the Weston Ski Track. An array of winter equipment will be available for participants to try out on the snow- covered golf course and new letterbox stamps will be hidden. To register for programs on February 7 and/or February 14, call Brenda at Outdoor Access at 413-259-0009.
The annual Boston Vasalop Classical ski race will be held at 9:30 am and will feature a sitski race. Athletes from Northeast Passage in New Hampshire will compete in the adaptive race.

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