Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peer Mentors Needed for Adaptive Recreation!

DCR's Universal Access Program is building a small network of peer mentors as part of its REC Connect Project. If you live in the Boston, Worcester, or Holyoke areas of Massachusetts, have a disability, and want to help out at programs as well as have fun at them, contact Heidi Marie-Peterson at 413-577-3840.

Adam assisted our recent hike at Borderland.
Adam Markell is our first peer mentor in the Boston area. He is an avid hiker and swimmer and  has been assisting hiking programs in eastern Massachusetts this summer and fall. Adam is using this opportunity to explore and experience outdoor recreation for people with disabilities. He is making all kinds of connections between disability networks as well as providing great physical and social support to our programs. Adam will also be helping us survey participants, track their progress in activities, and refer them to a wide variety of recreation opportunities. The work he is doing is building his resume and job skills and giving him valuable work experience in addition to assisting us with our goals. I'm looking forward to seeing Adam at the Weston Ski Track this winter, where we will be cross country skiing, kicksledding, and snowshoeing.

If you think you would enjoy being a peer mentor and would like to join Adam in our programs, we'd love to talk to you. Check us out on facebook! Call Heidi or email her at Heidi.Marie-Peterson@state.ma.us. We are open to working with your individual interests and abilities to determine your unique peer mentor path!


philipdz said...

I think that this is an absolutely great initiative. There are so many disabled people without a mentor or advocate. I hope this program generates great enthusiasm. It is appreciated.

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