Wednesday, July 13, 2011

65 Year Old Veteran Handcycling Across America!

Bob cycling through LA.
Bob Wieland of Arcadia, CA just left Los Angeles on July 3rd on an inspirational journey to Washington, DC. - by handcycle! (A Top End Excelertor XLT Pro for those who need to know!) He'll be traveling across country and back for a total of 7000 miles to raise awareness and donations for the Los Angeles Dream Center - an organization that rescues people in crisis, including those who are homeless and victims of human trafficking. Bob has been a long-time supporter of the LA Dream Center which serves 40,000 people per month with living, educational and rehabilitation support to help them achieve independence. Donations made to his ride effort will also support wounded war veterans.

What an amazing guy! Bob lost his legs while attempting to save another soldier during an ambush in the Vietnam War. He ended up in a body bag but luckily became conscious in time to attract attention. Sounds like he's been going strong ever since, with a powerful zest for life and helping others. "I lost my legs," says Bob, "but I didn't lose my heart!" He is an inspirational speaker and marathoner who raises money for charities. In 1986 he completed a 3000 mile journey across the United States on his arms. In 1996 he handcycled 6000 miles across country and back. This year, he's doing it again! Go Bob!!!!!

You can read more about Bob here and follow him and make a donation at The closest he'll get to us here in New England is New York City, but no matter, we can cheer him on!

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