Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Life is Good Festival 2011

Here is a Guest Post and photos from Heidi Marie-Peterson, project coordinator for DCR's Universal Access Program - thanks Heidi!

I am still waving a ride of enthusiasm and optimism after spending the weekend (September 24 &25) at the Life is Good Festival at the Prowse Farm in Canton, MA. The Life is Good Festival was a two day extravaganza of music, optimism, games, art activities and family fun attended by about 20,000 people. Whether you were there to compete in the seed spitting contest, have a picnic, watch the BMX bike stunt show, contribute to a mural, climb a rock wall, or hang out at the kids stage on a comfy bean bag chair, there was something for EVERYONE! There were absolutely amazing musicians playing throughout the weekend; a few of my favorites included Ray Lamontagne, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Raphael Saadiq, Maceo Parker, Martin Sexton and The Levon Helm Band among others!

If all of those activities did not excite you enough to mark your calendar for next year, then this will! 100% of the proceeds of the festival go to The Life is Good Playmakers, who help kids overcome life-threatening challenges such as violence, illness and extreme poverty! This year they met their goal in raising over 1 million dollars!! To find out more information about this great organization visit this link:

I attended the festival as an “access team” volunteer, which meant I had the awesome job of checking in with folks with disabilities who came to the event to let them know about the fantastic access. And the access really was fantastic! For those who came to check out the music there was a raised access platform, as well as a roped off section at the very front of each stage where folks could sit or stand and listen to the music and have a great view of the ASL interpreters for every performance. There was even a section of lawn marked off for sighted guide dogs to use the restroom!

I spoke to several folks who spoke very highly of the festival’s accessibility. One man I spoke with was there with his family and said he has been to a lot of festivals and this one tops them all, and continues to improve each year! For how great the access is at the Life is Good festival, it was too bad that there was not a greater representation of families and friends with disabilities there. Because of this I wanted to get the word out about such a family oriented activity for EVERYONE! Although I don’t think the date has been set for next year yet, I am already excited to attend next year and I hope to see you there!!

ALSO: Link to more info about life is good festival in general:

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Laura Grunfeld said...

Thanks to Heidi for being a terrific volunteer on the Adaptive Recreation team at the Life is good Festival. We look forward to using her talents and those of other Access Team members next year so mark your calendars and plan to come to this beautiful and accessible event just outside Boston. Well, I guess we don't know the date yet, but keep your ears peeled. Thanks to Marcy for this blog that is so full of great information! I love it! - Laura of (LIG Fest Access Consultant).