Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adaptive Swim Lessons - Get Ready for Summer!

 "I am amazed with how comfortable my child has become in the water!! When we first introduced him to the water he had only fear and tears - now he looks forward to swimming!"

So says the parent of a current student of Courtney Buckley, a resident of Natick, Mass., who specializes in providing private swim lessons for people with disabilities in the Boston metrowest area. She has been offering swim lessons since 2006 and works with clients at the local pool or pond of their choice. Courtney uses adaptive teaching methods to accommodate individual needs at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Courtney has also served as program staff for several years with Stavros Outdoor Access, working one-to-one with hikers and skiers. I've noticed her consistently friendly presence makes everyone feel comfortable. Her swimming lessons are such a unique and wonderful resource I am passing this info on so more people might benefit!

"Most commonly I have used backyard pools, YMCA's, local hotel pools, state parks and town ponds", says Courtney. "I have experience with both adults and children - with anything from physical disability, TBI, developmental delay, autism, and plenty of high functioning individuals with a fear of water. I like to be in contact with my participants beforehand so I can bring materials that may help them swim. I love to have families and friends participate so that I can teach them the skills to practice, and my presence won't be necessary each time they are in the water. I do charge a small fee, mostly for transportation and material costs. If someone is looking for continuing lessons I can provide those too!"

"I like that Courtney never pushed me to do things I was uncomfortable with. She figured out a way to get me to swim independently and safely, and put up with my picky-ness", says Kara, another former client.

"All I wanted was for my kids to be safe at our lake home, now I am confident in their abilities in the water and I feel that they have the safety skills to join in water activities and parties with their friends as well!" reports the parent of twins, also former clients.

Courtney has taught 25 or so individuals with disabilities how to swim. If you live in the Boston or the surrounding area and want to learn or boost your swim skills, contact Courtney at

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