Friday, June 21, 2013

Cycling for Seniors with All Out Adventures

Matt from AOA and Nick enjoy
exchanging information about
recumbent bikes.
Think you are too old to ride a bike? Think again!
Today while visiting our adaptive cycling program on the Norwottuck Rail Trail, I met 85 year old Nick on his birthday, shopping for a recumbent bike. He just happened to be driving by our program, noticed the sign and stopped in hopes that he'd find a bike for sale.

Recumbent bicycles offer many ergonomic advantages over conventional two wheel bicycles, especially as we age. Pedaling in a reclined position puts less pressure on joints and uses leg muscles more efficiently. Three wheeled recumbents make balancing a breeze.
Two wheeled recumbents provide a more conventional ride with the advantages of recumbent ergonomics.
Keep reading to find out more!

Nick was lucky! All Out Adventures, a Northampton-based recreation program provider, sells both two and three wheel recumbent bikes. During the cycling program they don't typically handle bike sales, although a great selection of adaptive bikes are lined up on display and being ridden so it is a great time to observe and compare. Nick was able to ask questions and learn about the affordable Terra Trike bikes sold by All Out Adventures. He signed up for a Senior Cycling program the next week so he could test ride bikes and make a decision. AOA's Senior Cycling program takes place three days each week and attracts more riders every year.
All Out Adventures sells Day 6 bikes as well. These are two wheel recumbents that offer features that make riding more comfortable for seniors especially. Their seat saddle has a contoured backrest. Comfort bike style pedals position the feet forward from the seat. In addition to the joint easing design, you can sit on the seat comfortably with your feet on the ground.

Also at the cycling program was another happy senior on her new recumbent CatTrike, purchased from Basically Bicycles in Turners Falls. She is thrilled with her motorized assist on this tadpole style bike and has already put in 200 miles since buying the bike this spring. At around 60 years of age, she has a long way to go to catch up with Nick!

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