Saturday, June 14, 2014

Liberated With SideStix

SideStix All Terrain Crutches change people's lives! If you walk but have mobility issues and you are missing your former all terrain habits, consider SideStix!

These lightweight, well-engineered Canadian crutches offer shock absorption, an articulating/rotating ankle, padded cuffs, ergonomic hand grips and interchangeable tips for sand, mud, snow and ice. They are designed to take the strain off your shoulders and other joints as well as get you out where you want to be!

My neighbor Libby suffers from premature degeneration of her hip joints. She called me up to see what I might know of that could help her walk in the woods again. We discussed various options including hiking poles and SideStix.

After trying the SideStix, she was ecstatic. "I walked the dogs today with the SideStix. I didn't cry on my way home. I could walk and not be in pain at the end of the day. This is going to change my life!"

And so it has! Libby has been able to choose to not have hip replacement surgery. Her doctor wrote her a prescription for SideStix! She has purchased a pair and is waiting to see whether she'll get insurance coverage. "Now my view of the world is no longer just looking down to be careful of my footing," she says. "My view has opened upwards too. I can look all around again and up at the sky. Using SideStix is uplifting for body and soul!"

Even as Libby enjoys her SideStix, she's been sharing them with others. A friend of hers who has MS borrowed them for a week and now he is on his way to buying his own pair. The SideStix website is full of stories of people whose lives have been transformed by this fantastic product.

Prior to this I had thought of SideStix as equipment for those with obvious disabilities, such as amputation (as in the case of Sarah Doherty, the creator of SideStix) or cerebral palsy (as in the case of Dwayne Boyd who was the first person to discover them in our program and get his own pair). Now I better understand that the range of people who can benefit from SideStix is much broader. If you have an ongoing condition that limits your walking ability, check out SideStix! You might end up liberated like Libby and so many others!!

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