Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Snapshot - Disability Evaporates in Sled Hockey

One of my favorite things about sled hockey is that while chasing the puck people get so caught up in the game, disabilities fall to the wayside of awareness. I see and experience this in our Universal Access skating programs whenever a pickup game gets underway.

People with and without disabilities pile into ice skating sleds and learn to propel themselves with the two shortened hockey sticks. These sticks have picks on one end used to dig into the ice. Flip the stick to move the puck towards any make shift goal or hockey net. If this level of coordination or strength is not possible, a stroller bar handle can be inserted into the back of the sled for assistance, leaving the sled skater to fully attend to the puck if they are able. Those players who can engage in either level of play may find themselves forgetting about the cold too!

This is a great activity for kids, young adults, and families, but anyone can enjoy it. Come try it out this winter at Wendell State Forest, Mt. Tom State Reservation in Holyoke, or the Asiaf Arena in Brockton. Click here for more details!

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