Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Snapshot - Weston Ski Track Accommodations

The Weston Ski Track is located at 200 Park Road in Weston, near where I-90 and I-95 cross. It is the only cross country ski center in Massachusetts that makes its own snow! If you live in the greater Boston area, winter is ready made for you here, even if the rest of the landscape is snowless.

While cross country skiing is the main highlight on 2 kilometers of trails over moderate terrain, snowshoes as well as skis can be rented. Races and events occur regularly in January and February. It was at one such race that I learned the importance of accommodations for spectators.

In order to get a good view of the race finish, most people walk across the snow. There are no seats or sidelines designated for viewing off the snow. As I watched a race of youngsters during the annual classic Vasalop nordic ski event, I noticed an older man standing at a distance, reluctant or unable to traverse the white expanse. I grabbed a kicksled and approached him and his adult son. "Here," I offered, "Please use this to get closer!" They did so, and this gentleman was able to sit and view his grandson crossing the finish line.

As a result of this spontaneous moment, the Weston Ski Track now offers the use of kicksleds for just such accommodations. They also have an adult sit-ski available for skiers with lower body limitations who are able to ski on their own. For those needing more support to ski, sit-ski, snowshoe, or kicksled, DCR's Universal Access Program offers three programs at the Weston Ski Track this winter on Sundays: January 31, February 7, and February 14. Come on out and join the fun!

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