Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Urban Skating Outdoors!

Bay Cove Day Habilitation joined us on the ice for a variety
of spontaneous games.
Tuesday was ccccccccoooold and winddddddddy but we squeaked in an outdoor skating session at the Kelly Rink in Jamaica Plain with a few playful souls. What is it about the cold? I admit I was reluctant to get out of bed this morning, yet once on the ice in that crazy wind, I wasn't the only one who warmed up quickly! Smiles abounded as everyone became energized in play. There is an added spirit of adventure in braving the elements and finding you can be comfortable and enjoy yourself. Of course, hot cocoa helps too!

Karl Pastore from DCR and Alejandra Taco set up their shots.

On an ice sled, I parked myself in a goal made of two orange cones with my camera and sticks. Soon everyone was taking shots towards me, as I alternated between using hockey sticks to defend the goal and taking pictures. Such multi-tasking allowed for quite a few goals scored!

There is nothing like a little bit of hockey to get yourself warm. Hockey, played lightly in our programs, helps people build their skating skills, providing focus and engagement with others. Some of us forgot the cold as we practiced passing pucks and a ball, setting up shots. Sue Tracy and Karen Foster from All Out Adventures helped people build their game by gently returning pucks to new skaters. Players took advantage of multiple pucks to do back-to-back attacks.

Alejandra Taco - a natural ace on the ice!
Though we were few in number, we had a nice range of diversity - always a bonus with urban programs. We are hoping more people will take advantage of an ice sled we have placed at the Kelly Rink in the skate rental shop. Alejandra Taco from Watertown used The Ride to get to the Kelly Rink. Alejandra plans to return to skate on her own and she will be helping us recruit more people for our programs.  The Kelly Rink is open 12:30-7:30pm seven days a week, cold weather permitting. Conventional skate rentals are just $1-2. You can also get to the Kelly Rink via the T on the Orange Line - it is just a short stroll from the Stony Brook Station which is wheelchair accessible.

If you live in or around Boston, Worcester, or Holyoke - check out our DCR REC Connect facebook page and join Alejandra and others who are linking together via facebook to share adaptive recreation opportunities!!! We skate monthly INDOORS in all three cities so you don't even have to brave the cold wind, except perhaps on your way in the door!

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